Free Download VirtualBox Final + Extension Pack For All Operating Systems

VirtualBox - a special program to create a memory PC virtual machines. Each virtual machine can contain an arbitrary set of virtual devices and separate the operating system. Scope of virtual machines is very wide - from performing the functions of software testing to create entire networks, which are easily scaled, load-balance and protect. VirtualBox is free, open source software.

There are versions of VirtualBox, intended to be installed on virtually all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Macintosh and OpenSolaris. As a "guest" operating system can also be used any operating system including Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, W7), DOS / Windows 3.x, Linux, and OpenBSD.

Among the main features of the program are the following:
VirtualBox can run as a GUI-interface or the command line.
To extend the functions of the program, a special set of SDK.
Parameters of virtual machines are described in XML format and does not depend on the physical computer on which the system works. Therefore, the virtual computer format VirtalBox easily transferred from one PC to another.
When using the "guest" computer operating systems, Windows or Linux, you can use special tools which substantially facilitate switching between the physical and virtual computers.
For a quick exchange of files between the guest and the physical PC, you can create so-called "shared folders" (Shared folders), which are simultaneously accessible from both of these machines.
VirtualBox allows you to connect USB-devices to virtual machines, allowing virtual machines to work with them directly.
VirtualBox fully supports the remote access RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). A virtual machine can act as RDP-server, allowing you to control it remotely.

Operating System:
Windows XP, all service packs (32-bit)
Windows Server 2003 (32-bit)
Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)

VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation on putting Linux guest CPU online if nested paging is disabled
VMM: invalidate TLB entries even for non-present pages
GUI: Multi-screen support: fixed a crash on visual-mode change
GUI: Multi-screen support: disabled guest-screens should now remain disabled on visual-mode change
GUI: Multi-screen support: handle host/guest screen plugging/unplugging in different visual-modes
GUI: Multi-screen support: seamless mode: fixed a bug when empty seamless screens were represented by fullscreen windows
GUI: Multi-screen support: each machine window in multi-screen configuration should have correct menu-bar now (Mac OS X hosts)
GUI: Multi-screen support: machine window View menu should have correct content in seamless/fullscreen mode now (Mac OS X hosts)
GUI: VM manager: vertical scroll-bars should be now updated on content/window resize
GUI: VM settings: fixed crash on machine state-change event
GUI: don't show warnings about enabled or disabled mouse integration if the VM was restored from a saved state
Virtio-net: properly announce that the guest has to handle partial TCP checksums (bug #9380)
Storage: Fixed incorrect alignment of VDI images causing disk size changes when using snapshots (bug #11597)
Audio: fixed broken ALSA & PulseAudio on some Linux hosts due to invalid symbol resolution (bug #11615)
PS/2 keyboard: re-apply keyboard repeat delay and rate after a VM was restored from a saved state (bug #10933)
BIOS: updated DMI processor information table (type 4): corrected L1 & L2 cache table handles
Timekeeping: fix several issues which can lead to incorrect time, Solaris guests sporadically showed time going briefly back to Jan 1 1970
Main/Metrics: disk metrics are collected properly when software RAID, symbolic links or rootfs are used on Linux hosts
VBoxManage: don't stay paused after a snapshot was created and the VM was running before
VBoxManage: introduced controlvm nicpromisc (bug #11423)
VBoxManage: don't crash on controlvm guestmemoryballoon if the VM isn't running (bug #11639)
VBoxHeadless: don't filter guest property events as this would affect all clients (bug #11644)
Guest control: prevent double CR in the output generated by guest commands and do NLS conversion
Linux hosts / guests: fixed build errors on Linux 3.5 and newer kernels if the CONFIG_UIDGID_STRICT_TYPE_CHECKS config option is enabled (bug #11664)
Linux Additions: handle fall-back to VESA driver on RedHat-based guests if vboxvideo cannot be loaded
Linux Additions: RHEL/OEL/CentOS 6.4 compile fix (bug #11586)
Linux Additions: Debian Linux kernel 3.2.0-4 (3.2.39) compile fix (bug #11634)
Linux Additions: added auto-logon support for Linux guests using LightDM as the display manager
Windows Additions: Support for multimonitor. Dynamic enable/disable of secondary virtual monitors. Support for XPDM/WDDM based guests (bug #6118)
X11 Additions: support X.Org Server 1.14 (bug #11609)

Download For Windows, 4.2.14 Final
Download For Linux, 4.2.14 Final
Download For Mac, 4.2.14 Final
Download VirtualBox Extension Pack  4.2.14 Final, All OS
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